Why should you use BuyBuddy.net?

BuyBuddy is a cashback add-on for Firefox and Chrome users. The extension works when a user enters a website that has an affiliate program and asks the user if he or she would like to earn cash back. No consumer says no when offered free money! BuyBuddy receives a commission for connecting the affiliate with the consumer and we take it a step further by halving the proceeds with the consumer.

Two ways explained

1.) Website / Cashback explorer:
You sign up for an account and every time you like to make a purchase you search the merchant and click shop now.

2.) Browser Extension:
You install the extension and every time you visit a cashback / rebate eligible site, a button will appear. Press the button to activate cashback. You can create an account in the extension by pressing the green cart icon and then click my account.

1. Start with Website

Sign Up for Cashback & Rebates

2. Start with Extension

Notifies when cashback is available

You can use web cashback via signup or you could use the browser plugin.

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How BuyBuddy.net Works?

Advertisers work hard to get their products in front of as many customers as possible. It is common knowledge that more eyeballs on the product equals more sales. Once BuyBuddy is installed, you can shop at your favorite retailer as normal. When an advertiser has an affiliate commission available, consumers earn 50% of the profits - just for shopping.

Because we have contracted with many advertisers, you have plenty of options for cash back perks when you make a purchase.

The great minds behind BuyBuddy have put together this Firefox extension to connect buyers with goods to purchase and also provide the best deals on the internet to our vast consumer base. Through regular contact with our network of advertisers, we research the best deals for our users.

Naturally, as more sales are generated using the BuyBuddy extension, the better the deals offered.


Ease of Use: BuyBuddy features an easy to use process from start to finish. When consumers make purchases through the enabled interface, their savings add up! Saved commissions can be viewed by clicking the green shopping cart in the Browser window.

Wide Variety of Merchants: BuyBuddy has already connected with over 40,000 merchants worldwide and that number is steadily growing.

Minimum Claim Amount: When consumers earn commissions, they can request a payment to their PayPal account with a minimum amount of $1.